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You can go on holiday but will you really leave your troubles behind?

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That’s Not Us

Thats Not Us movie review by, watch 2015

Thats Not Us movie review

Stars: Mark Berger and Elizabeth Gray 

Year: 2016

‘That’s Not Us’ movie review;

During a relaxing beach weekend a group of 6 friends, 3 couples, come together.

Once they have arrived they find out that relaxing on commando is easier said than done. Some of them need some more time, some don’t know what they want and some don’t know how to get there.

Together they try to find these answers.

ChickFlick Database favorite ‘That’s Not Us’ movie review dialogue:
Minute 14.18
  • There is a part of me that just like.. wants to punch her in the face. Do you ever feel that way?
  • Yes, of course. Absolutely! I imagine ways that would f*cking kill him. But you know.. in horrible ways. But then I get over it a little.


ChickFlick Database favorite ‘That’s Not Us’ movie review moment:

Minute 1.07.30 When they are stuck on two sides of the fence (literally)

This movie was interesting, but felt like it never actually started. It was like a look behind the scenes as opposed to a movie.

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That's Not Us


The real troubles of couples


A story of coming together and forgiveness


Not a lot happens


Why you should watch this ChickFlick

  • The couples chemistry is definitely there
  • The feeling of needing a weekend away
  • If you like more serious movies

Why you could skip this one

  • The story is not very entertaining
  • The dialogue could have been sharper
  • If you like a typical ChickFlick, maybe choose another

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