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Can we ever really have a life without emotions?

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Equals movie review by romantic drama kristen

Equals movie review

Stars: Nicholas Hoult and Kristen Stewart

Year: 2016

‘Equals’ movie review; If there is no possibility for emotions, is there room for love?

In a world where emotions are seen as weaknesses and decease, Silus and Nia get infected with the bug
Will they be able to go on and pretend nothing has changed. Or will they be drawn together through love?
ChickFlick Database favorite ‘Equals’ movie review quote: minute 1.28.30
  • ‘Promise me no matter what happens you keep loving me.. i am still here trying, please don’t give up on me’


ChickFlick Database favorite ‘Equals’ moment: minute 56.21 moment when she knocks on the door and they do what they were made to do and feel

 This movie is different from the others but fails to really impress. The storyline is interesting but they need a lot of minutes to prove a point that was pretty obvious from the start.

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Refreshing view on ChickFlicks-genre


The chemistry between these two is awesome


The storyline really didn't need a whole movie


Why you should watch this ChickFlick

  • Yeezzzz these two are intens!
  • What a beautiful story of passionate unreasonable love and hope
  • This is definately not the standard boy meets girl scenario

Why you could skip this one

  • The movie has some very lonnng scenes
  • Not a lot happens in the movie
  • Not really a feel good movie

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