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XOXO movie review by chickflick-database what chickflick to watch 2016

XOXO movie review

Stars: Sarah Hyland and Graham Philips

Year: 2016

‘XOXO’ Movie review;

During the festival of the year, different people with different things going on in their lives, get together and party.

It doesn’t matter if you want to let go of things, if you want to get away, if you want to stop thinking and have fun, this festival is the place to be.

But what happens if you have to work at the party as a dj? or if you want to meet up with someone at the party and can’t find them?

This festival has it all..


ChickFlick Database favorite ‘XOXO’ movie review quote:

minute 27.10 – ‘Man, I don’t question the sh*t that you people do. One guy out there has got a vacuum cleaner. I have no idea what he intends to clean with that thing.’


ChickFlick Database favorite ‘XOXO’ moment:

Minute 1.17.46: When the guy asks the security guard if he can bring his friends and he replies: But they are covered in sh*t 🙂

It was fun to see in this movie what it is like for different people to come together during a festival and also what brings people there. But the acting.. wasn’t great.

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I want to go to this festival now!


The acting and chemistry is not great


If you like romance, there are better ones out there


Why you should watch this ChickFlick

  • This festival is awesome!
  • If you like the 'highschool movie' genre, you will like this
  • The party-outfits are outrageous, in a good way 🙂

Why you could skip this one

  • If you like great chemistry, this is not the one
  • The different storylines are pretty flat
  • The main characters are both not enough to keep the story going

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