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Wild Oats

What ChickFlick to watch 2016- Wild Oats movie review

What ChickFlick to watch 2016 Wild Oats movie review

Stars: Shirley MacLaine and Jessica Lange

Year: 2016

‘Wild Oats’ movie review

If 5 million dollars would fall into your lap, what would you do? Would you stay on a tropical island forever? Or would you do nothing and swim in it?

This is what happens to senior citizen Eva. She decides to go on an adventure together with her best friend and who knows, maybe she will find love again..

ChickFlick Database favorite ‘Wild Oats’ movie review scene:
 Minute 18.18 – When they try to call the helpdesk LOL!

ChickFlick Database favorite ‘Wild Oats’ moment:

Minute 04.55:The discussion between her, her best friend, daughter and.. some stranger 🙂

The first half of this movie is so great! Really one of my favorites. The second half is a bit less, but still what a nice movie to watch.

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Wild Oats


If you can act like these two, who cares about the storyline


The senior moment jokes are hilarious


The movie starts above average but looses the original screenplay somewhere in the middle


Why you should watch this ChickFlick

  • Shirley and Jessica!!!
  • So many smile and LOL moments
  • If you like feelgood movies

Why you could skip this one

  • If you don't like movies based solely on characters and dialogue instead of action
  • The middle and ending are a bit much
  • The storyline about the old guy is really obvious from the get go


  1. Jessica says:

    Just saw this and really liked it. Very entertaining and funny. Great if you’re looking for a light feel-good movie that is not too predictable. It is witty and the characters are all fabulous. Loved Demi Moore as the up-tight straight-laced daughter.

  2. ChickFlick-Database says:

    Hi Jessica,
    Thank you for your comment! This movie is indeed a great choice when it comes to non-standard ChickFlicks and you are absolutely right, Demi’s face says it all 🙂
    Love Rosie

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