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Who wants to be good.. when you can be bad?

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Bad Moms

Bad Moms movie review what chickflick to watch 2016

Bad Moms movie review

Stars: Mila kunis, Kathryn Hahn and Kristen Bell

Year: 2016

‘Bad Moms’ Movie review;

The message of this movie that these days it is impossible to be a perfect mom. To be keep all the balls in the air at the same time and be a perfect wife, perfect friends, perfect styling, perfect kids..

So why just not, embrace being a bad mom?

This is what three friends do. And sure enough, it liberates them and makes them focus on the things that matter most.

But will everyone like this shift in gear?

ChickFlick Database favorite ‘Bad Moms’ movie review moment:
minute 51.21 When the son ‘finds out’ he is entitled. LOL.


ChickFlick Database favorite ‘Bad Moms’ quote:

  • Do you go to all your sons games?
  • No, no I don’t. the last game I went to took 6 hours and the final score was 1 to 2. I would rather go to Afghanistan than another kids basketball game.


This movie is hilarious at times, rude at times and pretty standard at times. But overall, I thought it was fun to watch.

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Bad Moms


The chemistry between these women is great


This story is very, very black and white


There are some pretty funny, but also pretty rude jokes in here


Why you should watch this ChickFlick

  • Christina Applegate her supporting role is the best
  • The 'girltalk' is hilarious at times
  • The message of letting go of the image of perfection and being real

Why you could skip this one

  • There are some very explicit, rude and not so nice scenes in here
  • The story could have done with some grey areas instead of the whole 'woman rule and dudes are the worst' vibe

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