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Paper Towns for a Paper girl.

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Paper Towns

Paper towns MP

Stars: Cara Develingne and Nat Wolff

Paper Towns Is the all American story about a boy who falls in love with his the girl who lives next door. In their early years they spend a lot of time together but as they move on to highschool, she is the popular girl and he is.. in the schoolband.

It doesn’t mean he stops thinking about her and one night his dream comes true. She is on his roof, tapping the window, asking if he is in for another adventure. He has the night of his life and can’t wait to see her the next day at school. But she never returned to school, she is gone.

What should he do? Stay in his safe place and never tell her how he feels? Or should he be as brave as she is, and follow her trail?

ChickFlick-Database favorite ‘Paper Towns’ movie quote: ‘A paper town for a paper girl’

ChickFlick-Database favorite movie moment: When they start singing the Pokeman theme song together when they are scared of the dark!

Paper Towns




Original ending


Funny moments


Why you should watch this ChickFlick

  • This story has been told so many times that you could almost write these kind of scripts yourself. Girl moves in next door to a boy, boy falls in love, girl becomes popular and in the end they live happily ever after. But not Paper Towns. This time the story is slightly different and there are more layers to Margot than you would think.

Why you could skip this one

  • Almost all fun parts in the movie are covered by the trailer

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