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What do you need to feel free in your life?

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Me Before You

Me Before You movie review by romantic chickflick

Me Before You movie review

Stars: Emilia Clarke and Sam Claflin

Year: 2016

‘Me Before You’ movie review; How do you rate the quality of life?

Lou’s family is counting on her to provide for the family so she will take whatever job is possible. When she is send to the house of the Traynors, she meets Will.

Will doesn’t see the point anymore. He had a wonderful life, but lost it all..

Together they bring out the best in eachother and life looks good. Or does it?

Do we ever really know what is going on inside someones mind?

ChickFlick Database favorite ‘Me Before You’ movie review quote: minute 06.24
  • ‘Styles change dear, but smart remains smart’


ChickFlick Database favorite ‘Me Before you’ moment: When Will asks Lou to stay in the car, because he feels like a normal guy with a girl in a red dress..

What did you think of this movie? I was a little confused after watching it. On the one hand their emotions look and feel so real, but on the other hand. How obvious was this storyline from the first second. Or was it?

How would you rate this movie? I loved the music in it. Let me know and leave your comment below. Or rate this movie; just click on stars above and press “Accept”.

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Me Before You


Ironic jokes enough to make you watch this


Beautiful music throughout


No suprises in the storyline


Why you should watch this ChickFlick

  • Lou and Will have great on screen chemistry
  • The roles of the mother and personal trainer are good
  • The music gave me goosbumps

Why you could skip this one

  • At times this movie is lovely but so so sad
  • You know what is coming from miles
  • In this genre there are better movies

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