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Hi ChickFlick lovers all over the world,

Thank you for visiting my blog!

There is nothing that I love more than waking up in the morning, put up a cup of tea, get some cookies and watch a ChickFlick. I have seen about many, many romantic movies and will try to write about as many as possible in the coming months and years.

For the last couple of years I found that I couldn’t find any good info on ChickFlicks – on which of them to watch, or which ones not to. I did find the standard pressrelease info, but not the personal touch and information of someone who had seen the movies, that could help me figure out what choice of romantic movie to make.

This is why I started ChickFlick-Database.com and started sharing my movie reviews with you. To help all you ChickFlick lovers to choose what romantic movie to watch and to talk about our favourite ChickFlicks together..

I make these promises to you:

1. I have seen all the movies on this blog, in full, myself

2. All the reviews on this blog are personal and subjective and only reflect my own opinion

3. I love ChickFlicks and hope I can share the love with you

If you have any feedback or remarks on how I can improve ChickFlick-Database.com, please let me know!

I would love to hear from you, on your views on the romantic movies that are reviewed and what movies you would like me to watch and review for you.

Love Rosie

October 2015


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