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What if you had love but you lost it?

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I’ll see you in my dreams

I'll see you in my dreams

I’ll see you in my dreams

Star: Blythe Danner


What does your life look like if you have everything.. but then your daughter moves away and you loose your partner and pet and have no one to share things with anymore? What do you do?

Do you try to enjoy the small things and keep yourself busy? Or do you admit to yourself that life is something that needs to be shared and you fill the missing piece with a new love?

I'll see you in my dreams


Beautiful story


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Why you should watch this ChickFlick

  • Her acting is fabulous and her relationship with the poolboy is wonderful. The movie is very honest in a way that is shows that you can be as independent and tough as you want but in the end, don’t we all want someone to share things with?

Why you could skip this one

  • Not a lot happens in the movie. The story line with her fling is interesting but also very sad and feels as an open ending. Also, the friendship with the poolboy seems a bit weird at times (do they like eachother?)

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