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Wanted: Someone who understands and gets me.. Don’t we all?

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Jane wants a boyfriend

Jane wants a boyfriend movie review ChickFlick-Database 2016

Jane wants a boyfriend movie review

Stars: Louisa Krause and Gabriel Ebert

Year: 2016

‘Jane wants a boyfriend’ movie review; What do you do when all you want to do is fit in?

Jane is the kind of girl that is unique, smart and honest.. and a bit different.

Jack is having fun, taking nothing to serious and staying loose.. but what if he wants to slow down? Find someone to slow down with.

Then Jane and Jack meet and everything seems to fall into place.

But is it ever really just that easy? Do fairy tales come true, just like in the classic movies?

ChickFlick Database favorite ‘Jane wants a boyfriend’ quote: minute 59.32 ‘Make up is just false advertising’ 

ChickFlick Database favorite ‘Jane wants a boyfriend’ moment: when they go out (or in?) on their first date.. cute!! highlight]

What did you think of ‘Jane wants a boyfriend’ ? I was sooo impressed by this movie and how it deals with such a delicate subject. It was heart-warming to see. Do you agree? Let me know and leave your comment below. Or rate this movie; just click on stars above and press “Accept”.

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Jane wants a boyfriend


I had to look it up to be sure if she was acting or for real


Love of the most romantic kind


Storyline could have some more originality to it


Why you should watch this ChickFlick

  • Jane.. and her boyfriend
  • Such a lovely way of showing us what it is like, to be Jane
  • Not like any other ChickFlick

Why you could skip this one

  • The role of the sister takes a bit too much of the airtime
  • The end is not unexpected (but then again, that might be a good thing)

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