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LOVE Emma, LOVE Ryan, LOVE the story.. LOVE it all

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LA LA Land

La La Land movie review ChickFlickDatabase movie review 2017

caLa La Land movie review

Stars: Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling

Year: 2017

‘La La Land’ movie review

Sometimes you watch a movie and your brain takes a few minutes to process what you are seeing.. To me this is the best feeling ever when watching a movie! It means it is innovative, fresh and totally different than the mainstream movies. This is exactly what La La Land brings – a whole new meaning of ChickFlicks.

The movie is about two young people who try to live their dream and move to Los Angeles to make it big. In the meantime reality sinks in and they find out.. how much can you take before you break?

And will they be able to survive together in this environment? or will the succes of one or both break their bond?

La La Land favorite movie quote: minute 29.48 ‘Did you just say serieus musician?’

La Land favorite movie moment: 1.44.09 Emma Stone her ‘Pretty Woman’ moment 🙂

‘La La Land’ overall experience

LOVE Emma, LOVE Ryan, LOVE the story.. LOVE it all!!

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