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No one said Mr. Right was going to be a good guy

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Mr. Right

mr.right movie review romantic comedies

mr.right movie review romantic comedies

Stars: Sam Rockwell and Anna Kendrick

Year: 2016

‘Mr. Right’ movie review; If you have dated all the good guys that turned out to be the wrong ones.. why not date the one you know is bad, but might actually be right for you?

Martha finds herself after another bad breakup and pumps into a stranger that seems interesting and well.. as strange as she is. Maybe it is not only opposites that attracked, maybe she needs to find a guy that has more in common with her then she thought.

ChickFlick Database favorite ‘Mr. Right’ moment: When they are talking about his ridiculous blouse: minute 16.55

  • I thought this was a terrible, terrible accident?’
  • ‘ This was a conscience decision, I am totally f@#$ bananas’


ChickFlick Database favorite ‘Mr. Right’ quote: minute 1.26.24 After everything is done: Hey.. we need to go to the hospital.. like.. real bad

What did you think of ‘Mr. Right’ ? To me this is such an original twist to a standard ChickFlick, I love it! something bold and different and I like it 🙂 What about you? Let me know and leave your comment below. Or rate this movie; just click on stars above and press “Accept”.


The chemistry between these two


This is about as original as ChickFlicks get




Why you should watch this ChickFlick

  • These two are made for eachother
  • He is so in character it is almost scary
  • Who said ChickFlicks can't be badass?!

Why you could skip this one

  • This is way out there
  • If you don't like violence..or swearing
  • In the middle you think ' Yes i get it you are crazy' yeeezz..

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