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Is there something stranger than love? Yes, this movie

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No Stranger Than Love

No Stranger Than Love movie review What ChickFlick to watch 2016

No Stranger Than Love

Stars: Alison Brie

Year: 2016

‘No Stranger Than Love’ movie review;

Lucy is about to do something bad when all of a sudden, faith steps in and makes her accomplist, disappear in a hole in the ground..

Literally. This is when she start to doubt her decision and meets someone who might be more of her kind of person..

Shall she choose him or will she keep her future boyfriend in the hole in her livingroom.

 ChickFlick Database favorite ‘No Stranger Than Love’ movie review quote: minute 8.53
  • ‘I am coming over’
  • ‘What did you say?’
  • ‘I said: I am coming over’
  • ‘I mean, what did you say to your wife?’


ChickFlick Database favorite ‘No Stranger Than Love’ moment: minute 1.11.00 When his wife finally figures out what is going on between them

How would you rate this movie? Personally I just couldn’t find anything really nice or romantic about this movie. What about you? Let me know what you think and leave your comment below. Or rate this movie; just click on stars above and press “Accept”.

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No Stranger Than Love


Can someone tell me what is going on?


The characters are just.. crazy (not in a good way)


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  • The story
  • The characters
  • The story

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