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Playing it cool is a funny version of a well know story

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Playing it cool

Playing it cool

Playing it cool

Stars: Chris Evans and Michelle Monaghan


How to write about something you do not believe in and have not yet experienced yourself?

A writer has been offered to write a screenplay on love and finds he is not really an expert in this area. Sure, he has fun with women and he likes to be around them. But love them? That would be a first.

Then he meets this funny girl who does something with him that he has never experienced before. He can not eat, sleep or think about anything else and becomes obsessed.

He must have her and make her happy. But her situation doesn’t let him. She is in a relationship and is about to get married. Friends tell him to let go. But can you ever really let go of true love?

ChickFlick-Database must watch moment: minute 34.01

Playing it cool




Original story


Hilarious friends


Why you should watch this ChickFlick

  • Chris evans is just the perfect person to play this role. You feel his suffering, you feel him wanting more and you hurt when he hurts. Also his friends are all great and fun characters that are a great attribute to the story

Why you could skip this one

  • At some point you start to think: Is this still realistic? Would any guy go through this much trouble for any girl?

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